WEST of Long Island would like you to better understand why we have our unique, 3-on-3 indoor basketball league; a full court League, which is for ages 7-10.    Played in our new indoor basketball court, each of the kids play in a reversible WEST jersey which is given to them and used to play both sides.  They also “compete” with each other on a smaller scale than the larger Long Island leagues. However, there is still the “air” of actual tournaments.

With the 3-on-3 games consisting of shorter halves, a warm-up shoot around and a half-time break, the youngest of kids can tolerate the physicality of it, and learn what leagues and tournaments will be like as they get older. Especially since these basketball tournaments will include Semi-Finals and Championship rounds. With this 3-on-3 basketball tournament style format, there will be more playing time for your youngster and more attention given to their skills and skill-building as well as their gaining an improved understanding of the rules and roles involved in basketball. We know that WEST’s 3-on-3 basketball tournaments are the most unique and the best formats that any Long Island sports center has to offer.