Autumn in N.Y. is a beautiful time. And that means winter is right around the corner. Either season has its own wonderful moments. What it does not have though, is a lot of options for baseball fields and batting cages. And really, even in the spring or summer, the regulation diamonds are often filled with practicing or competing teams. Well, WEST has the answer; we have Batting Cages for rent!

We know how valuable it is for parents or significant adults to be able to spend time together with their children. We also know how valuable, year-round practice is for developing good batting skills and keeping them fresh. And of course, exercise is ALWAYS both valuable and necessary! At WEST, we have 3 Types of pitching machines and each one has its own merits. (2 Baseball and 1 Softball.) Each can be rented by the half or whole hour and even through token purchase. See our HOME page for details. Come spend time at one of our Batting Cages and watch your skills grow.