Looking for creative ways to keep 20 kids happy and entertained for 2+ hours? If they are too old for clowns, but too young for the movies, then why not rent out batting cages for their next party? Batting cages are perfect for kids of all ages and are an ideal way to keep kids entertained for the entire duration of the party!

Whether you have girls, boys, young kids, or teenagers, everyone will have fun when you incorporate the rush and excitement of one of our batting cages. We offer hardball and softball, multiple speed options (35-50 MPH) and ATEC Casey Baseball and Jugs Softball speed adjustable machines. For birthday parties, we have multiple package options including food, drinks (both for kids and adults), cake, and even party favors. We have everything covered so all you have to do is bring your team.

Contact us today to learn more about our birthday party options and our batting cage rentals. Happy hitting!