WEST has long been involved in sports that are geared towards our children and Youth.  As we have said many times, here at WEST we are about everything, kids! Besides instilling an interest in sports for children, we also know and believe that teamwork and good sportsmanship, is a great foundation for any child to build on. 

While Little Leagues are an important part of introducing children to sports, and perhaps even peaking their interest in making sports a part of their lives, Little Leagues cannot do it all. The coaches, while dedicated and caring, have large groups of kid, very little practice times for their teams, and no real time to give the kids individual sports instruction.

WEST does.  We have kids’ SPORTS INSTRUCTION CLASSES. Our qualified and experienced instructors give the youth time, knowledge, a fuller understanding of each game and its rules, and practice!! There is nothing equal to or better than concentrated instruction. You will see the difference it can make to your child’s sports ability, confidence and overall physical fitness.

Reach us at: 631-367-9378.