With the fabulous weather that the residents of Long Island enjoy, summertime gives opportunity for many varied activities. Even with all of those choices, it can be difficult to keep children occupied and occupied in a positive and healthy manner. Especially if it gets overly hot and humid or is raining. For the Long Island parents who have to work, womens health online drugs shop, summertime with kids can be even more difficult.

One solution to some of the extra time the kids will be having is joining in on the fun and experience of a Long Island Summer Sports Camp. At WEST we have been successfully running Summer Sports Camps for our Long Island patrons for years. These include baseball, basketball, soccer and even multi-sports camps. And that is rain or shine!!!  We have a great indoor facility where our sports are played. And, it is air-conditioned!! Even if your child just has an interest in learning and has not been on teams before, we believe this experience will stay with them forever.  Check our calendar for dates of the best Summer Sports Camps in Long Island!