It is not too late for Long Island parents to give your kids a great way to stay in shape this summer. One way are Summer Sports Camps available at WEST sports. What is a Sports Camp? It is a focused, condensed sports experience designed to do many things for your child. Whereas a regular summer camp has many diverse activities intended to keep your child occupied, Summer Sports Camps do much more.

The physical exercise, mental discipline and the development of a team attitude are all buy products of participation in a Summer Sports Camp. Bringing children together from different school districts and areas on Long Island, your child will broaden their circle of acquaintances. Unlike the cities, Long Island families tend to stay in their neighborhoods.  And, of course, fostering team spirit, learning that there are rules to follow in almost every facet of life, and becoming aware of how important physical exercise is to staying healthy and fit, can also be the result of a good Summer Sports Camp experience.

WEST, of Huntington Station, is centrally located and has the best Summer Sports Camps offered in Long Island.