Summer is just around the corner here on Long Island, With that comes the ability to choose activities for summer enjoyment. Those families who are fortunate enough to be able to have a parent stay at home with the kids can be an active part of keeping them busy and physically active. Some parents will have to find productive ways to do so, while going to jobs themselves. Either way, a sports summer camp on Long Island is an ideal solution.

Summer sports camps involve a concentrated focus on a specific sport, as well as an opportunity to enhance skills or for some, an introduction to a sport. The physical exercise, mental discipline and the development of a team attitude are all buy products of participation in a summer sports camp. Too often, Long Island children only get to know and interact with others from their own neighborhoods and schools. At WEST, we host many children, from many neighborhoods and the result is an awareness that there is life outside of their little circles. WEST has the best summer sports camps on Long Island, where kids have been coming and enjoying sports for many years.