Summer is just around the corner for the kids on Long Island! Plans are being made for vacations and ways to keep the children effectively and healthily occupied! With school being over, and with that any scheduled Physical Education, some kids will gravitate towards the gaming apps and the couch. Being sedentary for even part of the 10-12 weeks they may be out of school, is not considered healthy and beneficial to a child’s physical or mental well-being.

Here at WEST of Long Island, we have been training, educating and enhancing the skills of children through sports for many years. There may be other camps on Long Island that offer sports, however, the kids’, Summer Sports Camps are both special and specialized! With choices from Baseball Camps, Soccer Camps or a Multi-Sport Camp, there is something for any Long Island child this summer. We offer 1 Day or 4 Day summer sports camps which will expose your child to the sport, enhance their skills, or peak interest in joining teams. At WEST, we even have teams of our own!!┬áCall us today!